Two Days Later I’m Damn Proud to be a Hawkeye Fan

Story by Derek Pech

My brother and I attended Iowa’s game against Penn State on Saturday night inside Kinnick Stadium. I felt like I needed to put how I’m feeling two days after that gut-wrenching loss into words.

I’m proud, damn proud, to be a Hawkeye fan.

That game was awesome. The atmosphere was incredible. One of the best I’ve ever been in. Hell Penn State’s head coach, James Franklin, said after the game that the atmosphere was one of the best he has ever experienced and he has been in some HUGE stadiums. Hawkeye fans are incredible. The whole children’s wave deal is one of the best things to happen in college football this season.

Plus the effort displayed by the players and the coaching staff was outstanding. Those guys played their ass off. They left it all on the field, and it was ALMOST enough. Fans can’t ask for more than that. It’s a game of inches and they were a few inches short. The players aren’t going to make excuses. I’m not making excuses for them. They were damn close to winning that game, and they shouldn’t settle for less than a win. That’s the right attitude to have, but you can be damn sure they didn’t lose the game because of a lack of effort.

Bottom line is that a game like that, an atmosphere like that, an effort like that, makes me incredibly proud to be a Hawkeye fan.

Thank you Coach Ferentz for building this program the right way. Thank you for instilling an unmatched level of work ethic and development into your players. Thank you for creating grown ass men who represent the University of Iowa in such a positive light while playing for the Hawkeyes and well after their football careers are over.

Thank you to Hawkeye fans for being the best. Seriously. That loss was brutal. It was a gut punch. One of the worst losses I’ve ever experienced as a Hawkeye fan. Two days after that isn’t what I’ll remember though. That was a fun night and damn good football game. One I will never forget.

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