Thank you! First Month in the Books!

Story by Derek Pech

All of us at Black + Cardinal Divide want to say thank you to all of you who have stopped by, checked out the site, browsed through some of our articles, and participated in our message boards.

I know we’ve mentioned it a number of times on our show with Marty and Miller, but the goal we set for our first month (after consulting with several mentors who are also entrepreneurs) was 10,000 views. Everyone thought that 10,000 was a reasonable goal. We ended up with 24,000 views in our first month. We more than doubled our goal!

Obviously, we were incredibly satisfied with this. Especially when considering the fact we launched in July… a month with next to nothing to cover in sports other than the anticipation for football season. We owe you all a big thank you. Needless to say we’ve been very pleased with our first month, but we also recognize we have a LONG ways to go.

We understand this is a crowded space. We’re well aware we have some legit competition. Hard work and a competitive atmosphere doesn’t scare us. We believe in the fact that we have a unique product. We want to be your one stop shop for all things Hawkeye and Cyclone. We want you to have a place where you can say what you want, as a Hawk or Cyclone fan, and not get banned or run off by the angry mob. We want you to have a place where it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. We’ll give it to you straight, and we expect you to do the same to us!

We also hope to introduce some high school football coverage here in the next few weeks. We have some exciting things in the works, but they aren’t quite finalized yet. For that reason, it is probably best to hold off on making an official announcement until we know for sure what’s going to happen. I can promise you that it is going to be exciting!

Also, as you saw earlier this week with our Game of Thrones recap, we want to use our platform as a way to cover everything that is “cool” right now to Iowans in general. We don’t feel like we need to be constrained into just covering the Hawkeyes and Cyclones. We’re willing to branch out and talk about pop culture, TV, movies, gaming, and maybe even politics at times (gasp!). We’ll see about that last one. Not sure we want to go there, but I suppose you never know. Rest assured, if a nuke gets dropped we’ll probably write about it!

Finally, let’s get these damn message boards going folks! Football season is right around the corner. Don’t be shy! That’s the next step with our site. We want to get the conversation going. We don’t care if you all want to smack talk with each other or sing Kumbaya. It’s your call. Use the site however you damn well please. Talk sports. Talk gaming. Talk movies. Talk politics. Have at it!

It has been a journey getting to this point. It’s awesome being able to see the type of reaction we have received in just 30 days. It’s almost time to say “Good Morning” to football! Things are about to ramp up, and we’re going to do everything we can to give you the type of content and coverage that you are looking for. As always, your feedback is welcome!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support! Iowans are the shit. Plain and simple!

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