Recruit Recon: Logan Klemp – LB

Story by Derek Pech

Iowa City, Iowa – Our team at Hawkeye Heaven is writing a series of articles where we highlight each of the 22 commitments Iowa received in the 2018 class. We’ll share each recruit’s highlights, and do our best to mention what jumps out at us about each player on tape. Then we will predict what kind of an impact we think they will make in a Hawkeye uniform. Logan Klemp is the next recruit on the hot seat!


Logan Klemp is 6’3″ 210 lb linebacker recruit from the metropolis known as Jewell, Iowa. He did a little bit of everything for his football team at South Hamilton High School, and his work earned him the title of team MVP for the last three consecutive seasons. As a senior Klemp was named the Class 1A Player of the Year by the Iowa Football Coaches Association.

Klemp is listed as a 3-star recruit by 247Sports. He chose to commit to the Hawkeyes over offers from mostly smaller schools like the University of Northern Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota State.

During his career at South Hamilton Klemp played running back, receiver, and linebacker. As a senior, he helped lead his team to the playoffs and finished with an 8-2 record. Klemp is the prototypical small-town, hard working, Iowa kid that the Hawkeye coaching staff loves to recruit and develop. Now, let’s watch some tape:



When you have a player with the size and athleticism of Logan Klemp playing at the 1A level in Iowa High School football it’s pretty difficult to provide much of an analysis after watching his tape because it’s completely unfair. Klemp is clearly the biggest, fastest, strongest, and most athletic kid on the field at this level of football. It’s obvious why he played running back, wide receiver, and linebacker for South Hamilton. Why wouldn’t he? Just get him the ball on offense and let him run over people. On defense, take the chains off of him at linebacker and let him search and destroy. A player like Klemp at the 1A level has a way of making his head football coach look like a genius. In this case, that’s pretty cool because his head football coach happened to be his father.

The Iowa coaching staff clearly saw what they needed to see out of Klemp’s tape in order to make them comfortable offering him. I’m sure they liked what they saw when they met the young man as well. Klemp is a good kid with a great work ethic, and he grew up around the game of football. You can see flashes of his football IQ on his tape. Look at the play he makes at the 2:30 mark of the video. Most football players in that situation would have simply blown up the guy in front of them, and honestly from a coaching perspective that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Klemp made the perfect play though. He stays patient, he reads his keys, he maintains outside leverage, and he tackles the QB for a loss.

I’m going to go back a little bit in order to give you all a comparison here. Klemp reminds me of Mike Humpal. Humpal was a 6’3 215 lb. multi-sport athlete from New Hampton, Iowa. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Klemp enters the Hawkeye program at 6’3 210 lbs. Both players did everything for their high school football team. It’s worth noting that Humpal ended up being one hell of a player for the Hawkeyes.


The opportunity is wide open at the linebacker position for the Hawkeyes. With that said, Klemp isn’t going to step in as a true freshman and play meaningful reps. That just doesn’t happen. There’s too much talent and experience in front of him, and he’ll have a big adjustment to make

It will take Klemp a couple of years in Doyle’s program to get his body where he’ll need it to contribute at a high level in a Hawkeye uniform. I’m guessing they’ll want him playing around 235 lbs. I don’t think he’ll have any trouble getting there, and I’m confident by the time he does get there he will have worked himself into an opportunity to compete for a starting position.

Klemp’s progression will be fun to watch. As a small town Iowa boy I’m sure he’s already making his family incredibly proud.

Welcome to the Hawkeye family Logan! 


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