Pulse of the Fans Wk. 1: Hawkeyes are Content and Proud

Story by Levi Thompson

Iowa City – Iowa fans quickly moved from reflecting on the win against Wyoming to this weekend’s Cy-Hawk matchup in Ames. Both teams emerged victorious this weekend setting up the state’s football rivalry.

Keeping with Wyoming, the sounds from Kinnick were content. Content with the result and with the product on the newly installed turf. The Hawkeye’s showed positive signs, especially on defense. The offense has work to do, but a win was enough to suppress grumbles for at least a week.

Holding in the offensive criticism revolves solely around the emergence of wide receiver Nick Easley. He totaled four receptions for 77 yards and a touchdown. It showed signs of life in the receiving core, something fans have hoped for since the conclusion of last year.

Kirk Ferentz’s immediate reaction to the game echoes the fans.

“There were some bumps in the road today. A lot of that traces back to younger, more inexperienced players,” Ferentz said Saturday. “The guys played through it. I thought we played a lot of good team situation football during the course of the game.”

Essentially, everything was good enough to move into next week against Iowa State. The secondary did its job and looks like it can handle Cyclone star receiver Allen Lazard. With defensive back Manny Rugamba returning from suspension, fans are confident the game in Ames isn’t going to be as close as the spread suggests. Iowa is only favored by one and a half points.

In addition to being content with the game against Wyoming, fans are enjoying the positive attention the national media is giving the Hawkeyes. It has brought a sense of pride to all those who attended this weekend’s game as well as those who will in the future.

The viral crowd video showing fans waving to the children in the new Stead Family Children’s Hospital is this weekend’s feel good story. It’s a new tradition that was started by the fans and has evolved into a moment that will likely stick for years to come.

The Twitter world has reacted to the first quarter wave with nothing but positivity towards Iowa. Words such as “I think I’ve become a Hawkeye fan” are being tossed around. That makes the fans at home feel good.

The pulse of the fans is content and any displeasure with this weekend’s game is covered by the happiness elicited by college football’s best new tradition. Iowa fans had a good weekend. Even when they could have nit-picked the team, they found a way to see the more important piece of news.

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