Michigan State Scandal Emerges

Story by Luke Maiers

Larry Nassar received a sentence of 40 to 175 years in prison on Wednesday for multiple sex crimes. 150 women spoke at his sentencing. This story has quickly turned towards Michigan State where Nassar was a high profile doctor for the school’s athletic programs.

Lou Anna Simon served as the president of Michigan State up until her resignation yesterday after the sentencing of Nassar. She ended up stepping down because of her association with Nassar.

Now breaking this afternoon, according to an ESPN Outside the Lines investigation, it is believed that this was a widespread issue at the university. Several women told people in power in the late 1990s that Nassar had touched them inappropriately. The reports were never investigated by Michigan State. Whether MSU didn’t take these claims seriously or that they were false, nothing ever came of it.

Mark Hollis, Michigan State’s athletic director, retired today amid these allegations. The investigation also discovered that Mark Dantonio and Tom Izzo have had incidents within their programs in past years. It is starting to appear that this story runs deeper than Larry Nassar’s case.

Please keep in mind these are all allegations as of right now.

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