Josey Jewell’s Day at the NFL Combine

Story by Derek Pech

Hawkeye Linebacker Josey Jewell stands for the National Anthem // Photo Credit: Jeffrey Becker - USA TODAY Sports

Des Moines, Iowa – Iowa inside linebacker “The Outlaw” Josey Jewell had the opportunity to perform in a few different events at the NFL combine today. We thought we’d put together a handful of tweets that help summarize how his day at the combine went.

First, here’s how Josey measured in at the combine:

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 236 lbs
Hand: 10
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 77 4/8

Jewell also completed 18 reps of 225 lbs on the bench press.


It is fair to say that Jewell’s 40 time wasn’t great. He said himself he was hoping to be in the 4.6 range. Given his matter of fact personality Josey wouldn’t have said his goal was in the 4.6 range if he didn’t think he was capable of it. Which tells me he’s probably a little bit disappointed with his times of 4.83 and 4.84.

The question is does it really matter?

It only matters if you’re allergic to watching film. You can learn everything you need to know about Josey Jewell by watching film on him. He was the heart and soul of Iowa’s defense. His football IQ and dedication to the film room translates to elite quickness on the field. Even if he is a step slower than the average NFL linebacker he more than makes up that step with his awareness. They don’t have a drill at the combine that allows a player to diagnose a play and then get to the football. If they did have that drill Josey would finish at the top of the pack.

In other words, no the disappointing 40 time doesn’t matter one bit. An NFL team will take Jewell and they’ll be getting a damn good football player and an elite teammate. This is what former Iowa fullback and teammate of Josey Jewell has to say about it.


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