Interview with Jordan Bohannon – Hawkeye Heaven Podcast #17

Story by Cody Pech

Des Moines, Iowa – The 17th episode of the Hawkeye Heaven podcast has arrived and this weeks guest is Iowa Basketball player Jordan Bohannon.

The podcast starts with Derek and Trent discussing the recent news of the University of Iowa deciding to pull out of the Big Four Classic that takes place in Des Moines each year between the states 4 major universities.

Next, we welcome in Jordan who was kind enough to spend some time with us on his 21st birthday. We catch up with Jordan on his injury from last season, his record breaking season and get his thoughts on what the Hawks need to do to live up to the Hype this season.

Hope you enjoy Hawk fans! Take a look back at Jordan Bohannon’s game from last season against Northwestern when he chose to leave former Hawkeye Chris Street’s record intact.

Cover Photo Courtesy of The Washington Post

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