Interview With FB Drake Kulick – Hawkeye Heaven Podcast #21

Story by Derek Pech

Des Moines, Iowa – Former Iowa fullback Drake Kulick gave us some of his time for an interview during episode #21 of the Hawkeye Heaven Podcast. Drake is from Muscatine, Iowa and he is another example of a walk on recruit who ended up making a big impact on the Hawkeye football team. He also isn’t the type of guy who is afraid to say what he’s thinking so we think Hawk fans are going to enjoy listening to what he has to say. Of course we made sure to get his thoughts on Iowa State after this gem of a tweet that he released a couple weeks back:

Trent and I also spend some time chatting about Iowa’s chances of winning the B10 West Division in the upcoming football season, and discuss how important the upcoming season is for the Iowa men’s hoops team.

Finally, before wrapping things up I reminded the Hawkeye Heaven audience that our new Area Code shirts should be released very soon, and I also shared a brief message regarding the unexpected drama in relation to the 319 shirt.

Special thanks to Drake Kulick for joining us on this one. The hit film below released by the University of Iowa Athletic Department last year is a great reminder of the type of energy that Kulick brought to the Hawkeye football team. Go Hawks!

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