INCOMING! Iowa Football commit Jack Plumb

Story by Derek Pech

BCDivide had a chance to catch up with Green Bay native Jack Plumb recently and we’re confident you’ll like what you hear.  Jack is a 6’8, 240 pounds and will be starting his senior year of high school at Bay Port. Can you imagine what Coach Doyle is going to do with this young man?

First of all, congratulations on your commitment to play for Coach Ferentz and the Hawkeyes. You’re going to love it here and you’ll fit in nicely. We’re excited to get a chance to follow you on your journey and wish you nothing but the best!

BCD: The answer might be obvious to some but we’re wondering if you’ll be playing solely on the offensive line or if you’ll get to further your career at Tight End?

JP: I will be playing offensive line at Iowa.

BCD: Honorable Mention your Junior season at Bay Port, what goals do you have for yourself as a senior and more importantly for your team?

JP: I want to keep getting better every day and working hard to be the best I can be. For the team, we want to be able to do what we did last year and repeat as undefeated conference champions and then make a run in the playoffs and hopefully be playing at camp Randall for the state championship game.

BCD: I’ve spent some time coaching the offensive line for a varsity team down here in Iowa. My teams always struggled to understand the importance of firing off the ball. If you were a coach, what are a few suggestions you’d give or suggest to a younger athlete  just starting out on the offensive line?

JP: Be a physical as you can at the point of attack, my Coach always says you know the snap count so there’s no reason why you should be late off the ball, if you can win the first punch the block is made and it’s a lot easier.

BCD: Just to keep the conversation light, who is your favorite TE in the NFL and what’s your favorite endzone celebration?

JP: My favorite TE is Rob Gronkowzki and my favorite endzone celebration is when they dunk the ball, I know it’s fine if you do it now but it’s my all time favorite.

BCD: 247 had you 100% committed to Wisconsin in their Crystal Ball, we’re happy they were dead wrong. What was it about Iowa that ultimately made you tell the Badgers you’re heading to Iowa City?

JP: It was a great family feeling every time I was there and you could tell the coaches really cared about you, they weren’t just putting on an act to try and get you, the history with them recruiting tight ends and converting them into oline and getting them to the NFL was a big point and the academic side of things fit me really well. It was the hardest decision but I’m very happy with what I chose.

BCD: You and Henry Geil are both from Green Bay, we asked him this but we’re interested in your answer as well. Are you a Packers fan? Also, describe what that town is like when the Packers are on or playing a home game to those of us unfamiliar.

JP: I’m a big packers fan, it runs in the blood, my grandpa was a coach for them, fritz shurmur and we have season tickets so we go to every game. The game day experiences are crazy everyone and I mean everyone in Green Bay is in green and gold and they are all watching the game, there is nobody in the streets if you walk by the houses all the game is on every Chanel and the fans inside of the stadium and the best fans in the NFL.

BCD: If we secretly reached out to your Bay Port teammates and asked them what they would say is your hidden talent, what would the answer be?

JP: I’m a good fishermen.

BCD:  It’s safe to assume you’ve been given some pretty good advice over the years from those closest to you. What’s something that your Grandfather or Dad has told you that will always stick with you?

JP: Write your own chapter, my dad always says this it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks or what they do just worry about improving yourself every day.

BCD: What do you intend on studying at the University of Iowa?

JP: I want to get into coaching but if that doesn’t work out I’m studying the strength and conditioning program.

BCD: In a couple sentences tell Hawkeye Nation what they are getting with Jack Plumb.

JP: Iowa is getting and hard working tough competitor who is very excited to play for Iowa and keep the winning tradition going.

We’d like to say thanks to Jack for taking the time to chat, give this young man a follow on Twitter and support his journey as a Hawkeye @jacktussplumb.

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