INCOMING! Interview With 2018 Iowa Basketball Commit CJ Fredrick

Story by Derek Pech

We had a chance to catch up with the most recent Iowa Men’s Basketball commit of the 2018 class, CJ Fredrick. CJ is a 6’4 165 lb. SG from Louisville, KY.  We’re excited to give you Hawkeye fans a glimpse of what kind of ballplayer you’re getting.  CJ was nice enough to do this interview while on vacation with his family. We owe him a big thank you for that!

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BCD: What was it about Iowa that ultimately convinced you to commit?

CJ: Coach McCaffery and his staff were the first high major to really recruit and believe in me. I love Coach McCaffery and his staff. The fan support is crazy, and I’m very excited to be a part of that. Also, I love winning and this team has the potential to win a lot of games. I also really enjoyed the campus and college atmosphere. 

BCD: Hawkeye fans are well aware the recruiting services have you listed as a 2 star recruit, yet you have offers from major basketball programs like Indiana, Xavier, and of course Iowa. In your opinion, what did the recruiting services miss about you and your abilities that these coaching staffs from major basketball programs saw?

CJ: One actually reached out to me and said all of my ratings were wrong and that they would fix it all this week or next, but I think the coaches saw the way I am a complete basketball player who does everything. I can pass, rebound, defend, make shots, and get shots for my teammates. 

BCD: What did the Iowa coaches like about your play?

CJ: The coaches said they liked that I can play both the point and the SG position. They like that I can both shoot and pass really well, and that I can get into the lane and make some plays.

BCD: On the flip side, have they told you anything in particular that they’d like you to work on?

CJ: They haven’t specifically told me, but I have been continually working on my ball handling and a lot of off the dribble combo moves. 

BCD: Have you played any other sports besides basketball? Anything else that you excel at?

CJ: I played both football and baseball until high school, and then decided I would focus on basketball.

BCD: Academically, what would you like to study? Do you know what you’d like to do once your basketball career comes to an end?

CJ: Either sports management or communications. I want to be a college coach after I’m done playing. No better way to accomplish that than learning from the best. 

BCD: Knowing the kind of players who are at Iowa and now, and the commits that they have in the near future, what are your thoughts on the future of the Hawkeye basketball program?

CJ: I think the future is very bright. They have really good young players mixed with some older guys who are also really good. I see a lot of wins this coming year, and in the future. 

BCD: What do you see your role being on future Iowa basketball teams?

CJ: Whatever coach needs me to do to help the team win. 

BCD: What do you know about Joe Wieskamp and the McCaffery boys, and have you had a chance to get to know them?

CJ: I had a chance to meet them a little bit on my visit there, and they seem like really cool guys. The kind of guys I want to be around. I had the chance to watch them both on the AAU circuit and they are both very good players who will be fun to watch and play with. 

BCD: Finally, what would you like to let Hawkeye fans know about you either as a person, as a player, or both?

I’m a hard worker who is going to do whatever it takes to win. Off the court I’m just nice, and an easy guy to talk to.


Thanks again to CJ for taking a few minutes of his time to do an interview with us, and to let Hawkeye fans get to know him a little bit. Check out a quick highlight video of him here:


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