Incoming! Interview with 2018 Hawkeye Football Commit Samson Evans

Story by Derek Pech

We caught up with future Hawkeye football player Samson Evans this week. Samson is a commitment in the Hawkeyes 2018 class. He’s currently a dual threat QB for Prairie Ridge High School in Illinois. He’s being recruited as an athlete, but projects as a WR at Iowa. Samson also plays his high school ball with fellow Hawkeye offensive line recruit Jeff Jenkins. The two are good friends, and will be continuing their football careers together at the University of Iowa.

We’d like to thank Samson for giving us a few minutes of his time. Enjoy the interview below!

BCD: What was it about Iowa that ultimately convinced you to commit?

SE: The main thing that pulled me towards Iowa was the people you surround yourself with. It’s truly unlike any other place. And the connections and bonds you can build over time. Then another part was the fact I have a lot of family who live in Iowa and Iowa has some of the best fans around.

BCD: Iowa has had some battles with Northern Illinois in the past. Primarily when Jordan Lynch was their QB. It sounds like it was a tough decision for you to decide between playing QB at Northern Illinois or accepting a scholarship with Iowa as an athlete. What was it that made you take the Iowa route?

SE: It was definitely the hardest choice I’ve ever made, and I know that God will ultimately have everything work out how it’s suppose to. I believe that path was to go to Iowa. I loved NIU and all the coaches there, especially talking to Jordan Lynch. That was an amazing experience, but when it came down to my choice I really felt like Iowa would set me up better in the future if my football career doesn’t take me where I want it to.

BCD: What did the Iowa coaches like about your play?

SE: My leadership skills and how I don’t give up. Also my ability to keep a level head no matter what type of adversity I face on the field. 

BCD: On the flip side, have they told you anything in particular that they’d like you to work on?

SE: They haven’t really told me particularly what I should work on, but I have a few ideas on what I need to do to be able to play slot and or defense if that’s where they end up putting me.

BCD: Have you played any other sports besides football? Anything else that you excel at?

SE: I played basketball and baseball and track up until 8th grade, but due to some minor injuries here and there I had to stop playing the other sports to keep my body healthy enough to play through the football season.

BCD: Academically, what are you going to study? Do you know what you’d like to do once your football career comes to an end?

SE: I don’t know exactly what I want to study, but I have a good feeling I want to be in the business field , but you never know as that could easily change. Anything can happen.

BCD: On a lighter note, who is more weird… you or your buddy joining you at Iowa (Jeff Jenkins) and why? We asked him the same question and he said you for sure… You can see his response here:…

SE: Haha, I just read his response and I can honestly say with confidence that Jeff is definitely more weird. Just get one look at his funky beard and long hair and you’re like, there’s gotta be something off with this dude. Once I saw this question I knew Jeff would say I was more weird even though deep down he knows he’s an odd duck. 

BCD: Haha that’s good stuff! Speaking of Jeff Jenkins, I know you two are pretty good friends. How much of a role did getting a chance to play with him at the next level play in your decision to come to Iowa?

SE: It definitely played a part , but ultimately I just felt like it was the right choice with all the offers I had at the time. I didn’t want to wait any longer for more schools to pop up. Maybe there was a school out there I wanted to go to more, but I felt Iowa was the best fit for me as a football player.

BCDivide would like to thank Samson for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us.  We wish him the best of luck this upcoming football season.  Be sure to give Samson a follow on Twitter @Samson22Evans! Check out his highlight videos below!…



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