Incoming! Hawk Fans Will Love What RB Henry Geil Has to Say!

Story by Derek Pech

I had a chance to catch up with Iowa RB recruit Henry Geil over the past couple of days. Let me preface the interview by saying Henry won’t disappoint you Hawkeye fans! He’s a straight shooter, and I have a feeling he’s going to end up being a fan favorite in Iowa City. Henry has a bright future as a RB at Iowa.

BCDivide would like to thank him for giving us a chance to do a quick interview.

Enjoy his answers below!

BC: You are from Green Bay, Wisconsin. That’s pretty cool. What’s it like to grow up in a town that is so well known for its love of football?

HG: It’s a cool experience. Friday through Sunday is all football during the fall. It’s almost like a ghost town during football season, believe it or not. Everyone is glued to their tv’s and are pretty much addicted to football.

BC: I have to ask this, but are you a Packers fan? Is that a requirement when you grow up in Green Bay?

HG: It’s not a requirement, but I am. I used to hate football until I was like 8 actually. My grandpa bought season tickets when Lambeau Field first opened, so I’ve been able to go to more than my share of Packers games.

BC: What was it about Iowa that ultimately convinced you to commit?

HG: It was between Michigan State and Iowa, and I finally put football and the programs’ pedigrees aside and just focused on the atmospheres. I just decided based on which school I’d be more proud to represent.

BC: You chose Iowa over teams like Michigan State and Indiana. Wisconsin hadn’t offered you yet when you gave your commitment to the Hawks, but they had shown some interest. Would an offer from your home state Badgers have made a difference?

HG: I don’t pay any attention to the Badgers, or any other programs for that matter. I’m somewhat bitter towards the Badgers so I don’t really want to associate with them. Nearly every game in the B1G is a rivalry game, so there’s no time to get wrapped up in any other program but your own.

BC: What did the Iowa coaches like about your play?

HG: They liked that I’m a one-cut back. I’m a bigger back but I make quick decisions and I’m patient.

BC: On the flip side, have they told you anything in particular that they’d like you to work on?

HG: They want me to really focus on keeping my feet light and be conducive to the muscle and weight I’ve gained.

BC: What would you say is your strength as a RB?

HG: I’m patient, but I know when and how to run. I’m not going to try to break a short yardage play for a 50 yard touchdown. I think I have a pretty high football IQ, and I use that to my advantage.


BC: Have you played any other sports besides football? Anything else that you excel at?

HG: I ran track this year, and might do it again. I played baseball since I was 6, but gave it up for track this year.

BC: Academically, what are you going to study? Do you know what you’d like to do once your football career comes to an end?

HG: I want to go into surgical sales, so I want to major in communications and minor in something medical or bio-mechanical.

BC: Finally, what do you want Hawkeye fans to know about you?

I want them to know first of all that I’m not Melvin Gordon and won’t be flipping to another school… that’s getting old. Second, I want them to know that I want to represent them the best I can, and will do that for the rest of my life. Third, I want them to know that a B1G title could be looming, and I really hope they see it coming too.

Also, Iowa > Iowa State!!!!! 

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