Connor McCaffery Earns a Scholarship

Story by Derek Pech

Iowa City, Iowa – It has finally been a couple of good weeks for Connor McCaffery, and I imagine he probably feels like it’s about damn time. It’s well known that the young PG for the Iowa Hawkeyes, and son of head basketball coach Fran McCaffery, has had a rough go of it as a true freshman. Injuries and illness kept Connor from making the type of impact he was hoping to make as a freshman on the men’s basketball team, but it appears things are starting to look up for the young man.

First, Connor received the news about a month ago that the Big Ten Conference had approved his hardship waiver. This meant that he still has 4 years of eligibility remaining even though he played in a few games early on as a true freshman before starting to get bit by bad luck.

Now, Connor McCaffery has officially been put on scholarship. The University of Iowa and head coach Fran McCaffery made the announcement today.

“Connor went through a lot his freshman season, but remained positive despite suffering physical and health setbacks. Although he didn’t play in many games this past season he was an important part of this team on and off the court and will continue to be the next four years. The coaching staff and I agreed that Connor has earned this scholarship and we look forward to contributions the next four years.”

Congratulations to Connor McCaffery for EARNING the scholarship! He’s put in a lot of hard work to get to this point in his career and he deserves it.

Go Hawks!

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